An enjoyable life depends on the sense of balance.

Regain it with a wearable, invisible, and removable balance device from Innervo Technology.



Intraoral Balance Aid

     Innervo Technology developed and patented a unique hidden and noninvasive balance device called EquiCue™ intraoral balance aid for patients with lost sense of balance due to inner-ear disorders, aging, brain injuries, and migraine, etc. The device provides in-situ sensory feedback of head movement to the dizzy and imbalanced patients wherever they go, with no surgery needed and no change of their physical appearance in public. Innervo won NSF SBIR Phase I&II awards for the innovation.


“I don’t feel like staring so hard to keep me balanced …”

               “I feel straighter …”

               “I felt my back muscle tightened…”

 “As I was leaning backwards to sit down, I felt it firing rapidly warning me my tilting towards that direction…”


Patient Testimonials

Hidden and Noninvasive Balance Prosthesis