• A retainer-like device hidden under the roof of the mouth;

  • Wearable and removable, no need of surgical implantation;

  • Accurate measurement of head tilting and motion;

  • Alternative sensory feedback on the palatal surface;

  • Wireless communication with a wrist watch for setting adjustment.

The device is worn onto the upper teeth and fixed against the hard palate. As the palatine bone is part of the skull, it can detect head tilting or motion accurately. The device then presents alternative sensory feedback of head movement by applying small electrical signals onto the palatal surface.   When one is disoriented due to inner-ear balance problems, this alternative feedback provides a stable gravitational reference and helps with spatial orientation. It provides an alternative way for the brain to "watch" the head movement so that body adjustment can be made accordingly for postural stability.

EquiCue™ Intraoral Electronic Balance Aid

How It Works


EquiCue™ is a custom-made palate-based intraoral device completely sealed with no switches or buttons for use inside the oral cavity. It comes with a wrist watch which can communicate with the intraoral device wirelessly for adjustment of device settings.